Wanna tell me your best paranormal experience?

If you have one to share i like these kinds of stories plus im writing a short story thats kinda related to the ghost world so it could give me inspiration! i never had this kind of experience but it fascinates me. im so creepy right, though i can't even watch horror movie lol


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  • I don't have any scary stories like that, and the one I do have isn't that much of a story. I was simply going to work, and after a good 2min or so, I realized I'd forgot my keys, so I turned back for them. When I came back and got inside, bright glowing orbs were circling the mirror in front me of, and quickly vanished.

    That's the best I can give you. :3


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  • I have had a lot of paranormal experiences. one that stands out though is the time when I was 14. My cousin was spending the weekend with us and she was out in the computer room and I was in my room doing my hair. My mirror faced into the hall and could see into my sister's room. As I am finishing up on my hair I notice my sister getting out of bed (in the mirror) not even a minute later I left my room and noticed that my sister was still asleep. My cousin then walks up to me and says she saw a ghost walk past her and into the kitchen. I told her I saw it too but I thought it was my sister. It wasn't though 😱

    • so scary, id freak out if i saw a ghost... but im curious at the same time too haha

    • I've seen a few ghosts, I have also been touched, seen objects move, felt like I was being watched or someone standing right behind me and no one is there. I think the feelings are creepier than seeing a ghost. However if it was a ghost from the Grudge or the Ring it may be a different story lol.


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  • Wish I had one.

  • Long ago where I grew up there was a story about a woman running from Union soldiers who hid her baby. They caught her and killed her.
    In those woods you can hear a baby cry.


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