What's the next step in the relationship?

Hi, we are both 20, I've met her twice, first date was great, second date even better, we passionately kissed on the beach for a while, took her to her car and kissed again, but no more than that. We text pretty much every other day, and I'm supposed to meet her again in about a week. what's the next step? In regards to, should we have the talk? She I sleep with her? Because I think she wants to. Bottom line I don't want to rush things and ruin the whole thing, thanks for any help


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  • I think 3 dates is waaaaay too soon to have "the commitment talk"

    you could have a "lighter" version of the talk, like telling her you think she is great and would definitely like to keep seeing her and get to know her better.
    If the question comes up if you or her should date other people in the meantime, you can say that you'd like to focus only on her to see where things can go, and if possible, you'd prefer it if she also only dates you for now.
    What's important is, that you are not saying you two are already in a commited relationship, but you are clear that you want to date her. Get it? It is a subtle difference.

    As for sex, just do what feels right. don't over think it. If both of you want to, go ahead.

    I also had this "exclusive dating, but not official yet" talk with my now fiance. Because i really did want us to focus on US only, for a couple of months and give the potential relationship a better chance of growing on its own. and that is exactly what happened. There was no pressure of commiting right away, there was time to get to know each other and develop feelings of trust and closeness. Making it official was just a natural step after a while.

  • Don't sleep together too soon. Instead try to get to know each other outside the bedroom. There's no need to complicate things. You can maybe mention that you like her and want to invest more time in her on the next day but if you don't want to rush there's no need to say anything more serious at this point. Just make sure she understands you are feeling the same way about her as she's feeling about you.


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  • When you meet each other you dont need text each other anymore.
    Touching each other is the best language.