Why are there stupid ads and dumb virus softwares?

stupid ads = those ads that try to convince you, you can make 300,000 by working at home. Seriously who are the idiots supporting these programs.

Virus notification softwares = Those ads you see when you open a movie, or game online for free. They say something like "microsoft has detected a virus on your software ". What's the point?


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  • You create an ad that costs you almost nothing to make.
    You target a few million visitors of a a website.
    If 5 or 10 fall for it, you're already winning.. the less are caught, the less chances you are of being prosecuted and investigated.

    Basically, because there are old people learning computers, who can't distinguish facebook from google, and don't know the difference between a website and an executable. And don't know the difference between a popup and an ad, and don't know the difference between a notification on a mobile, and an SMS...

    I'm not making this up, I really know a lot of people like that. And they still insist on buying high end hardware


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  • Because there are people that fall for it :(


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  • Unfortunately people still fall for these things, that's why they are still around. :-/