Kitten's behavior?

My male kitten of two months is very close to me since his birth. He would always sit on my lap and always sleeps beside me. He likes to stare at me with great interest for a long time and sometimes nudges my nose with his. He doesn't object if I hold him.
Why my kitten stares at me like that? Is it usual for kittens to do that?


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  • yeah i think its usual for kittens to do that, by the way thats a very cute story

    • I know :) I love cats. We rescued their parents and kept them in our house when they were kittens. Now they grew up and became mum and dad to the kitten's. All live in under the same roof, a happy cat family :)

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    • I always kiss them. Minion (my male cat) however doesn't mind the kiss haha. I was playing naughts and crosses with him the other day :D

    • oh, hahaha that is very damn cute :D

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  • He lives you your the closest thing to a mom so that is his way of showing you affection

    • Yeah maybe you are right. He doesn't bother listening to his mum sometimes lol


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  • Yeah, well cats are affectionate. I don't know why you would be worried : )

    • I thought male kittens are bit aggressive. But he is quite the girl. And my female kitten is opposite of him.

  • it is common behavior be good to one another