I am 18 but I look like I'm 14. I want to look like I'm actually 18 without looking like a baby trying to look older. Any tips?

I'm assuming that I look so young because I have a baby face and a petite body. It's rather annoying since whenever I go out they will serve my friends alcohol but not me, 15 year old try to hit on me, people won't believe me when I say I'm 18. I am even afraid to wear heels since whenever I see 14 year-old with heels I can't stand it. And yes I do use make up but It doesn't do the trick. Help?


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  • lol i was 17 until i was 25.


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  • The way you carry yourself and the way you dress can also be an indicator of your age as well as haircut my friend is 21 and gets stopped at clubs because people think she is twelve. So how do you portray yourself and what clothes do you wear?

    • I dress up normally but whenever I go out at night with friends I dress up in a more mature and feminine sense but it still does not do the trick for me!

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    • Well, I usually just use some make up and purple-ish lipstick, I don't usually use mascara because my eyelashes are long enough. :)

    • Oh ok well the friend that i said gets stopped at clubs , once she she started contouring people stopped believeing she was carrying a fake id