Do guys gossip like girls?

I won't say gossip to be honest.
But yesterday my guy friend told me that he tells everyone about his crush and all.

i don't do that. I only tell my best friend and close friends about that. He also told me that guys Men spend more time gossiping than women.

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  • We do gossip but we gossip differently than women do. If we like a girl we will often tell most of our friends. We do this for many reasons but it is usually for support, encouragement, and so they will help give you a push when needed. To is talking about our crush is a way to ease the insanity of having a crush. We don't consider that gossip. We do gossip just differently but usually about the same things.

    • haha.
      that's what i am guy friend also told me.

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  • Not something men are known for but if that's what he wants to do then that's on him.

  • yeah we do

  • yeah we do, but not as much


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