Does this site seem really overtly pro-Muslim/Islam/hijab?

I think the hijab and sexual repression is somewhat more subtle, but the rest is obvious when every 10th thread has the word Muslim and every other thread is about how white Western nations are whores.

The real question is: is it really? Or is it a fake out to make you sick of hearing about Muslims?

The site is apparently hosted in the USA but it's created by a Turkish guy.

Or maybe I'm just not used to EVER hearing about it because they all live in 1 section of 1 city in Canada.
I hate that city.


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  • Yeah cause in reality we aren't obsessed with any ethnic group or religion the site is not about that.

    • So the US is 10% muslim now?

    • I don't know the percentage honestly, and again, I think people coming to THIS kind of site aren't coming here to talk about THAT stuff. It's like going to Burger King to buy a laptop lmao

  • I hear a lot more shit about muslims on this site than i hear praise

    • It still normalizes something that is foreign.

  • FYI, not all Turkish people are religious.

    • " 98.3% of Turks revealed they were Muslim"

    • Muslim does not equal religious. There is a HUUUUGE difference between Arabs and Turkish people. Not everything muslim screams religious u know. Many muslims drink alcohol and party like nobody. If a Turkish dude made this website I can guarantee my money on it he is not religious. A religious man would not run a website like this where people ask penis and vagina questions every single day.

    • Wiki could easily be faked.

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  • This site is full of mostly far-left totalitarians and insane social justice warriors, this is to he expected.

    • I think it's full of questionable anons and a few puppet white people.

    • I've been a member of this site far longer than the vast majority of the members here today, trust me.

    • I have no idea who you are, but so have I.

  • Fluctuates. Some people are certainly protective of Muslims and want to prove not aaall Muslims are how the media portrays them. But there are plenty of people that I openly against Islam as a whole. Can't really say the site is leaning one way or another. You just hear more from the protective crowd, because ISIS appear to be in the news 24/7 and these people want to say "not aaall Muslims are like that. ISIS is just the minority".

    • It's a classic mind control technique. You show something average that no one likes. You show something worse. They like the first thing more.

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    • @Dornishguy oh nm. I thought you were the opinion owner.

    • Was wondering why I had 9 replies to my comment lol

  • This site seems to be fluctuating more than my mood when I'm on my period. The answer to your question is shut the hell up.

  • 1 xper please tell me you have another account because your question is bullshit.

    • you probably haven't been here long enuf

    • Unless the average American spends 10% of his day daydreaming about whether Turkish women are more attractive than American girls.

  • All I know is that this site has made me dislike Turkey over the years.

  • I think u r sick if u feel sick from a realgion just because u dont follow it u r an ignorant

    • That's not what I said. Good to know there are still lots of fake pro-islam accounts.