Do you feel like you don't know much about life and society, except that it has just fucked you the whole time you were alive? Or it failed you?


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  • I definitely feel very behind when it comes to knowing and understanding things enough to participate properly :( . I'd say they've treated me okay though, some bullying and a lot of isolation but I'm fairly asocial anyway tbh. And I've found the one person I want to spend all my time with, and he feels the same about me, so that's what matters :)

    • you're lucky. I have not ben able to find that someone. nor have I ever dated so I guess it doesn't matter

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  • Your question is very deeply. Yeah I feel so.
    It is like how do you let those people who bully others self-conscious humen are lovely. Instead of relying powerful law but sometimes that they are not wrong dont think about the question cause they are happy naturally maybe though, they act like being stupidly.


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