White girls, how do black guys compare to the men of your race?

  • Better looking
    50% (6)33% (4)42% (10)Vote
  • Worse looking
    42% (5)8% (1)25% (6)Vote
  • I'm not attracted to either of them
    8% (1)59% (7)33% (8)Vote
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Quit being politically correct and just be honest people!!!


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  • you poting THIS and HERE and you want honest answers? you crazy? lol

    you will be BOMBARDED with politically correct answers LOL... a lot of people dont even know what the truth is anymore lol

    • True so far.

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    • Surprised to see "better looking" has more votes than "worse looking" though lol.

    • lol well thanks for MHO!

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