Does anyone actually have any proof of ghosts?

i know there are many believers but i have seen no solid evidence that ghosts actually exist. if you are believer what proof do you have and how can i actually see or communicate with one?


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  • Well the problem is is that if we had proof every skeptical person would just say it's fake. But ouiji boards is typically how people try and talk to the dead. I dunno if ghosts are real or not but in case they are and you do decide to use a ouiji board I'd highly recommend some thorough research


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  • Personally, I haven't; however, I'm happy to not explore that part of life. The problem is it ends up being Pandora's box kind of like nuclear weapons. Even though it's a bad source due to cgi and other effects, there are legitimate videos of people's experience with ouija boards and paranormal events


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  • I believe in what I call "The Afterlife" because there is Indeed... Spirits in us After Death.
    My family has told Many "Ghost" stories throughout my whole Life, and I Myself Have experienced a few of my Own in my Life.
    The One that I can Relate to the Most and can Boast is when 17 of us Stood around my grandma's Casket and her Cross that was hanging overhead "In her bed," began Swaying as We were Praying our Final "Good-byes."
    The Ones who Still believe it was her Trying to Tell all of us she was Pain free and at Rest, Thanking us for making Her day Special, Still talk about the Miracle we had Witnessed. Others who were in Awe, Dropped jaw, Didn't really know What to Say even to This... Day.
    Good luck and Believe what you Want. xx

  • We believe in Jinn. They are invisible; some are bad and some good.
    Fortune tellers are able to guess past events because of some Jinns. You can get possessed by bad jinns and we do something called Ruqya to get them out. Recovery takes time depending on the damage done.


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  • If "ghost" is what you wish to call it. Anything I could give you, you could just brush off as being a coincidence, however unbelievable it may be.