Just how many people want to know what the contributors look like or does it really matter?

Had a request for a pic... Does anyone else? if you have had requests please reply... what did you do?…did they say why? If ya sent one what did they say? how do you feel about this? Thank you for your responses.…Hugz n Smiles.….🍀🐶🍀

Lol I told her I would think about it... still not sure what she want it for lol... I know I look like a handsome Gent but... lol I was curious to what others thoughts and experiences were... thank you so much... as always hugz n smiles 🍀🐶🍀


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  • idc cuz im the same lmfao isn't my personality enuf?


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  • When I first signed up, I didn't even show my face and I got messages from users requesting to see my face. Lol.

    Honestly, I don't care how a person looks. I care more about their character. Besides the ones that I talk to the most, I hardly notice other users on here :)


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  • As you can see I have me in my avatar but to talk about it from the other side if you get talking to someone and they don't have themselves in profile pic or post a selfie now and again , you do get curious - I will give benefit of the doubt and say just say it is nice to put a face on a name rather than any form of invasion of privacy.

    • Thank you for your reply it was thoughtful and I thank you... I do appreciate everyone's time and responses.. Hugz n smiles bro 🍀🐶🍀