What should i do if my boyfriend is controlling and won't let me go anywhere half of the time and wants me to leave all my friends because he doesn't like them? I love him to death but its to the point were i can't go out at all because he sets rules on me and calls me either 28 or 40 times, also i had 268 texts from him because i didn't text him fast enough. His abuse towards more then physically. But i can't leave him i love him soooo much and means everything to me. I'm always depressed and crying because of him but sometimes i'm happy. I just have so many problems lately i had a miscarriage week ago and its been super hard me on. Been depressed because it was with a guy that i hooked up with and liked before my boyfriend right now. We broke up and we got back together. We've been dating for 2 years now almost 3 but we needed break. The guy i told you about i hooked up i have before a couple times when me and my boyfriend because we thought it would be forever but it wasn't. Well that guy i had feeling for him for the longest time it was and off and i told my boyfriend and he said i had to choose and i did and i picked my boyfriend but is it right if i feel like i made mistake. My boyfriend deserves better but he said he just wants me happy but i don't know i need help and advice. I'm a mess. One more thing Zach and i we talked about me being pregnant and he felt bad he put me through that and gave me a huge hug and said "i'm sorry that i put you through that". Then we went on the subject about him treating me different then the other girls and he admitted it. I told him that i'm still figuring it out till this day. Then all my friends know that he likes me its so obvious. My best friend confronted him about it and told him "i know you like Katrina its so obvious', the he stayed quiet. I'm confused i like when people tell me straight up and i don't get why he can't tell me straight up i like you a lot but a lot of people are saying he is in love with me.

It is an either or situation cause we've been dating for almost 3 years


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  • If he's controlling and dictating then it's not healthy and he's doing it because he either doesn't trust you or he's so insecure that he wants you to only be with him and so he's your only source of socialization and comfort, because you're all he has, but it's not worth putting up with if he can't see what he's doing wrong.

  • It isn't an either or situation. Your current dude has to go because he makes you unhappy.

  • No he's just fucking crazy. You need to dump him. This isn't love