Why are there no male milfs or cougars?

think about it. when a middle aged woman who looks good tries to get her way with young boys then she is a cougar. but when a man tried to do this he is a dirty old man. where does this come from? why is there no such thing as a male milf? dilf called perhaps? or male cougars? why does this not exist or am i completely wrong?


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  • The male version of Milf is Dilf , & it is a thing, & that dirty old man thing is used by the immature.


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  • Because somehow women are sexually oppressed and yet are not at the same time.

    • dude, if we invent a porn genre that revolves around male milfs then we can pull this off that it becomes real.

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    • bruh you can just upload a vid you made yourself with an old good looking dude and put in the title 'man cougar destroys young ass' put it in the tags and soon enough your category will be real.

    • Perhaps, but I won't be doing that.

  • There are, there probably are