I need some info regarding my pet rat plz?

So yesterday I bought a rat from the petshop and was shocked when he immediately came to me. Last night I was sitting on the sofa with him, I got up to go to the kitchen to get something and left him on the sofa. When I got back he was still runny around the sofa. He never got off. He always climbs on me and licks me. Does this mean he's been trained before and if not please can I have some advice on how to train him?


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  • Rats and mice can easily be trained to respond to treats. Find out what his / her favorite treat is and teach it simple tricks using that treat


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  • I'm not really sure on rats as the only time I've been around them is when they are food for bfs snakes but he did have one that had babies and raised up the babies and he told me they are a lot like a cat and can be trained and will cuddle and come when you call it's name. Just sorta work with it like you would any other animal and it should be good.