Mom keeps yelling at me advice?

My mom always has to be right. She is so forgetful and always wrong about things but you can never tell her anything because she has to be right all of the time. My mom had keys under her mattress that she has kept under there for 3 years. Yesterday we moved the mattress because we were getting a new bed but I grabbed the keys and let her know that i had them so she would not lose them and i showed her that i put them in my dresser. We were getting ready to leave the house so she asked for the keys and asked me to give them to her. I grab them and hand them to her and she puts them somewhere i do not know. This morning she wakes me up yelling "where are my keys" yelling at me blamming me and telling me that i lost her keys and that i never gave them to her. I explained to her that i handed them to her but she claims that if i did then she would have them and she doesn't. So now all day long she has been bothering me getting mad at me telling me that i am lying and that i lost the keys because she doesn't have them and I am not going to argue with my mom when i know what i did with them. Advice?


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  • Don't bother doing things for Mom anymore that she'll blame you for in the future if something goes wrong, because as you said "she's always right". Ask her to remember what she was doing the time after you handed them to her (just her her a time of day since she doesn't remember and maybe you can figure out where they'd be).

  • i think it can be weird when a person keeps screaming the word advice. what is their problem.


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