Any Pagans here?

Greetings. Just wondering who else is Pagan here and what path you follow. I'm a eclectic Pagan.


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  • I suppose you could call it that.

    • What do your beliefs point to?

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    • @Deconstruction I get that a lot, but I'm not pure Japanese you see.. I grew up with three languages at once, Danish, English and Japanese. Though English started from the age of 3. I like our conversations though, as you don't seem critical, but rather up for actual discussion. ^.^

    • I am very critical, actually, it's just that I'll attack ideas rather than people. I'll scrutinize them, take them apart, and try to see them in other light. However, even then, if an idea is inconsistent with itself, or the reality it necessarily depends on, it's quite easily dismissed.

      I've talked to many people who proclaim new age ideas and I know how to scrutinize them. However, unlike you, they usually go insane if I try to utilize (even internal) logic, and they live in denial, you're the first person that actually accepted my critique, agree to disagree, consider and read carefully, and so on, out of all the people who think similarly to you, perhaps for reasons and motivations different to yours.

  • I'm not edgy enough to be pagan.

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    • There's quite the difference. Atheism is a lack of believing any god or gods. Eclectic Paganism is is a very individualistic path. It follows no doctrines, no particular deity or deities, no tradition, etc. Since eclectic, sources of beliefs may range from a wide variety.

    • I do understand that part, but at the same time, a lot of people end up not believing any of it, but just researching it for their own enjoyment. Most pagans don't even believe the things they read and research, but are more so for cultural reasons.

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