How to care for a baby bat with missing wing?

I do not have the baby bat but someone on my snap hey does and he does not know how to take care of him/her the wing is completely off and looks like a fresh injury how could he car for this bat? I do not know of any bat sanctuarys anywhere near here. Please if anyone has any helpful advice it will be appreciated and please no horrible comments about putting the bat out of her/his misery I want the bat to get back to health

He has the missing wing could it possibly be re attached?
Nevermind he let the bat go 😭😒


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  • he should kill it. it's useless without its wings


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  • If the bat is healthy enough to be released into the wild, it should be released back into the wild.

    If it isn't, then yr friend should -- if possible -- try to transport it safely to a state Department of Fish and Wildlife location.
    Here's a list for California:

    If yr in a different state, just google:
    dept fish and wildlife bat [name of state]
    That should be good enough to find the appropriate contact info.

    Thank you for looking for a humane and caring solution. You (and yr friend) are kind souls <3

    • He is not kind I am I was not with him he let the bat go that was in no condition to go back in the wild I am upset now

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    • It is sad all life matters and yet people act like it's nothing

    • Well, thank YOU for trying to do the right thing, at least.


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  • What about a prosthesis?


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  • I Once took In a Wounded Pigeon for the Night and the Next day I Traveled over to Someone who was an Expert in Caring for Pigeons and all sorts of Wild Life Birds. I First Located my Nearest Wild Life Association though and they had Directed me to this Kindred Soul.
    Google in your area, The Wild Life Society and Someone Should be Best to Assist you in your Heart of Gold for a Bat and where he is At with his Wing Thing Deal.
    It so Refreshing and Welcoming to see someone on here, dear, who has love for Animals and other Species.
    For now, Keep him as Comfortable and find out what he might Eat as a Treat. He is probably too nervous and scared to partake in anything but some water perhaps anyways.
    Good luck and God bless. xx

    • *I just Now saw your Update after I sent this through.. This the Wildlife Federation and for Future references should this Occur again here is the number if you would like to jot it down
      1-800-822-9919 xx

  • He let it go?
    What a dick.
    He should have made sure it was taken to safety (sanctuary) or taken it to the vet's and put it down.

  • I'm sorry, but I think that bat is going to die. Get the person to put them down. I don't think they will be able to survive with only one wing.

  • Lol am I the only one whos is terrified from bats? 😂

  • i think your friend should call animal control and get tested for rabies.. bats are no joke

    • Will animal control nurse the bat to health? And isn't that only if you get bit?

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    • Ok thank you I will see if there's one around here

    • yes no problem and please tell your friend to be careful. Rabies is a killer and symptoms don't show up until seven weeks after the bite/scratch