If a guy just stares at you without looking away does that mean he thinks he's better than you?

This guy keeps giving me these pity looks etc. He's doing really well for himself now, whereas I dropped out of the program he was in.

I feel like giving him one tight slap. He is well aware I don't like it when he looks at me it's like he's trying to show me he's better than me.


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  • He sounds like a jerk. But maybe he feels you should've stayed in the program. And is disappointed with u? Hard to say really.


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  • Honestly, I thought it might be that he was looking at you because he was interested but after reading more I think you might be right. He is probably being judgmental as fuck if you can see it in his expression.

  • Ignore him. The more he knows he's irritating you the more he keeps staring. Don't go slapping him and taking it for granted he won't bitchslap you back.


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