Does this sound funny?

thanks for the hug and kiss. I will take it to my bed with me tonight and cuddle my pillow and pretend it's your warm and sexy body, and I promise I will not get the pillow pregnant. :)


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  • ... I promise that I will not get Myself... Pregnant.
    It seems to me with Reading between the Fine Linen Lines and all, @Mr._Lonely, This "Sexy body" as it All Covered Up on All Basis, as far as Protection and Birth Control Goes and Flows... Whether it is IN Your bed or Hers.
    Good luck, You have found yourself a Smart girl here, dear. xx

    • lol, it's an old Canadian guy that wrote, I just felt funny and shared it. if course it's not none of my business. so don't get me wrong, cuz I don't have westerners humor:)

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    • You too as well, sweet guy, and my weekend is nearly over, but a GREAT start to a New week here, dear.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • The ending sounds weird. The rest is nice.


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  • Nope. Sounds sad and a bit creepy...

    • maybe, it's funny for a guy or an intimate couple:)

    • I'm not a guy so I wouldn't know, but when I'm in a relationship - I wouldn't find that funny at all...

    • don't u know what's the humor? anyway, as u wish

  • No, it doesn't.

    • anyway, jusr sharing an old Canadian what he wrote. I guess that many people don't understand this humor, that's it

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