I want to _____________________ if possible?

I want to become a millionaire if possible.
I want to be a beauty if possible.
I wanr to see the future if possible.

Just bored. Fill in the blanks :P


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  • I want to fulfill my musical dream of being a touring guitarist if possible
    I want to marry the love of my life if possible
    I want to make a change to the way society views mental health if possible
    I want to gfet rid of gender role sterotypes if possible

    • I am quite interested in the last two things!
      Can you elaborate on them?

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    • Oh all my close friends accept me, but i'm jsut saying in general people always seem to do the gay and sequine joke when i mention i dance as a bit of light banter, we need to change that, where does it say that a guy has to be gay to dance...

    • I don't think a guy who likes to dance has anything to do with gay either.


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