O.0 What is one embarrassing fact I should know about you?


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  • I slept naked one time in my bedroom and woke up all paranoid because my boxers were on the floor... had me thinking my dog molested me while I was sleeping.


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  • Sixnine made me remember this.

    There was one point (age 18) where I thought about getting into the porn industry.

    I didn't because I thought about it long term.
    Will my family see this? Friends?
    Future children and their friends; if I do it long term?
    Is this really something I'd want to make a career out of?
    How would it impact my social life?
    What if someone recognizes me?

    After thinking about it for about a month or two, I decided my concerns outweighed it all.

    • Whoa.. That was a close one.
      Thays really not a good profession.
      Its agood thing you didn't do it.

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    • @slimstiffy yeah I do

    • Thank you for MHG!

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