Anybody else have a crappy morning?

Running late, tired, thought I would treat myself to a coffee to brighten my day.
The server failed to tighten the lid on my travel mug and when I picked it up off the counter- it dumped all over me, down my legs, wet shoes. Now I get to be sticky and wet all day at work. No time to get it replaced. *#^+^#!!.

Then in the bus was late and all the icing stripped off my cinnamon bun onto the wrapper. Great. :(

Now i I get to start my day.


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  • My morning was okay. I'm sorry to hear you weren't off to a great start, and I hope things have improved.

    • Oh lady your so empathetic! Now that my shoes are dry things are improving. Still sticky legs tho. Lol
      Can't wait for a shower!

    • I try. ;P Glad to hear it, though.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I got a call at 5 am this morning from my sister. she's frantic and saying she's got a huge mess and there is water everywhere. Luckily I don't live too far away I got there and here there is a valve on the underside of the toilet that was leaking all night. So I had to clean everything up and wait till 7 am for the hardware store to open to get a new valve. Something I was not planning on happening today lol.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Yeah my parents are FIGHTING again non stop. I come home for the holidays thinking I could relax and now I get this shit :(

    • Ah that sucks. Squirt them with cold water every time they fight. They'll learn.

    • Hahaha that would be awesome.

  • Wonder what disaster you avoided because all that happened? Did you at least get a new coffee?

    • No I had no time had to run to be on time for a bus that was late. 🙄 Oh well! Lol

    • That would have been way to hard for me to get over! I would have needed a redo! ⛾

  • I feel sorry for you.

    It's been quite good, so far.

    To be honest, it's actually 16:20 pm here in Tallinn/Estonia.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • Well thank you! Hope you have a great evening. And by the way -your beautiful!

  • Nah, it's been quite fine so far. Started the day with some yummy cake leftovers and ice cold orange juice. These days it's kind of a luxury to me. 😂

    • Damn you having a good morning!! I hope you get seeds in your oj!! 😡

    • Ooh so scary ;p

What Guys Said 2

  • My first thought yesterday was "happy birthday to me, another year of being a girlfriendless virgin retard, hurray".

    • Well happy birthday. Chin up. Maybe you'll win gold at the special olympics. I hear gold medalists get all the pussy!

  • Well I got plenty of time until class but my sister was on the phone all last night and our walls are thin AF. running on 5 hours of sleep.

    • Morning wedgie takes care of loud sisters!