I'm that annoying guy (or girl) that is always ___________?

Bumping music obnoxiously loud on the road! Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love making an earthquake everywhere I go LMAO

Wear headphones for thisβ¬‡β¬‡β¬‡πŸ˜‚ (but beware, an earthquake is about to happen)

Old ladies looking at me like "turn that gangster shit off" πŸ˜‚ I made myself laugh too hard XD

Oh yeah I also crunch chips waaaaay to loud lol

"Young Chop on the beat!"


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  • Playing my music too loud and pissing off the neighbours / singing the same song on repeat at the top of my lungs / talking so loud on the phone in public places that everyone in the vicinity can hear me / tapping my foot during exams / clapps to loudly at the end of a show / spilling things on friends in movie theatres. Sorry for the list but you had a good question.


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  • Hahaha, that's always been me with the loud music. I've had several near-altercations with people over it. And honestly, I don't have fancy speakers or anything that shake the whole neighborhood, it's just audible outside of my car. Of course, it's more that it's rap music and they don't like it. No one ever says a word if it's rock music or dubstep or whatever. But rap gets everyone al upset, and I find that hilarious, honestly. I actually left my car running with the music going once like ten years ago, with some Dipset song playing probably, went in a store, and some lady came in while I was in line like "IS THAT YOUR CAR PLAYING DISGUSTING MUSIC? MAYBE YOU SHOULD TURN IT OFF!!!" Never saw someone so exasperated in my life. She wasn't even that old, she was like my age now. I told her to mind her fucking business, haha. Lighten up, JesusπŸ™„ And another soccer mom type was next to me at a stoplight and asked me to turn my music down and said "it's like "assaulting" other people"... are you fucking kidding me, lady? That's where my favorite response came: "you must have a great life..." and she's like "what?" I said, "... because if having to hear a song you don't like for 30 seconds is enough to ruin your day, then you must not have any REAL problems." She didn't have shit to say back, haha. I'm respectful about it too, like if you have little kids with you or something and the song is all bitches and motherfuckers, I'll cut it down or put my windows up. But it's definitely just rap that causes people to say something, so I'll call you out every time. I had a Puerto Rican lady come up and give me a pound one time because she said she was glad someone was "keeping it like the city, especially a whiteboy" out in the fucked up country ass town I went to college in, haha. The people who gave me shit, well... lets play a little game I like to call Guess That RaceπŸ˜‚β›„οΈ

    • It's funny because I live in an area where pretty much everyone's a cowboy lol. And I'm just bumpin music loud and proud πŸ˜‚ but tbh it's not that I do it because I want to act all cool, it's because I actually enjoy the music πŸ˜‚

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  • I'm that annoying girl that threatens to fight everyone but hides at the first sign of conflict lol

  • ... asleep in the elevator, bus, or anywhere the opportunity presents itself. :D

  • I slurp my straws lol I can't help it I'm not a quiet suckerπŸ™ˆ

  • Talking loudly, My voice is very loud and I used to be Parade commander for 6 years straight cause the teacher said I was so loud that I don't microphone while speaking.

  • Changing the subject randomly.

    If you talk to me I tend to keep conversations interesting by just saying random thoughts or asking random things.

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    • Play Love Sosa really loud :p or Hate Bein Sober by Chief Keef XD

    • ooh. I'll do that real soon

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