How do you have confidence in who you are despite what others may think?

For a long time I've thought that I didn't know who I was. But recently I've realised that deep down I actually know who I am. The problem is that I still doubt myself a lot and see others as more objective than myself, so I've let what other people say and think of me get in the way. So even though I have an understanding of myself, it's weighed down by other people's opinions of me, if that makes sense. I get scared to believe in myself, thinking I may be wrong, deluded etc. I've felt like this for so many years that it's very hard for me to not care so much what people think. I don't mean 'not care' in the sense that I do what I want without considering how it affects others. But I mean being sure of myself in a healthy way and not letting opinions shake my foundation. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks xx


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  • Because what others think doesn't matter

  • You don't want this...


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