Anonymous questions?

Why is the majority of the question here sent by anonymous people. it is a little annoying. the questions aren't even bad. and the fact that we make a user name to hide our identity.


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  • Sometimes I’ll ask anonymously because I want to momentarily hear the thoughts of people I have blocked. Sometimes I don’t want biased answers and discussions based on assumptions people may make about my overall personality. People have a right to be private if they please regardless of how curious or nosey you or anyone else may be. There are a lot of things I will share and parts of me I’ll give unlimited access to in order to help others, but not everything is meant for the public to know

  • Sometimes people are embarrassed by their questions, even if it doesn't seem bad to anyone else. Also, the answers we give are just opinions, but sometimes people asking forget that. And if they follow advice we give and it doesn't go well, they could get angry and find us (worse case senerio, but still a possibility and danger).

    • well ofcourse you dont follow every advise, because well thats crazy. but what about the simple "stupid" questions. like asking whats your favourite colour

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    • then dont ask anonymously. you wouldn't put a paper bag over your head to talk to people. would you?

    • True, but if you're really shy or timid, you may be afraid of being mocked. Someone reading this question and our conversation may take it as us saying they are stupid or ridiculous, everyone takes things differently. And it seems like everyone is so freaking sensitive these days, you can't even smile at them without them having an issue with the way you smiled!

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  • I feel the same way. They want to annoy people.

    • i can uderstand if its some high ranked person such as yourself or higher. and asking questions which may cuase conflict. but majority is asking about boyfriends/girlfriends