How can I stop people here believing I’m an American?

Does it happen to anyone else?

What’s so Americanized about my posts I don’t get it. Every time I post a MyTake here, then most people talk to me like I’m from America (example: “I’m pretty sure you spend tons of money on Starbucks. You’ll get fat if you eat at McDonald’s frequently.” etc). It’s really damn annoying. Because my location isn’t mentioned since I post anonymously, it doesn’t mean I’m American by default. I’m really fed up about it, and I wish it would stop.

Should I start asking Turkish questions then instead? So people will assume I’m a Turk?

Better a Turk than an American.


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  • Since this website is American and the majority of users are American, it makes sense that people assume you are from the US.
    Or maybe you talk about "all American" things.

    May I ask you why are so bothered by this? What's the problem of being American?

    • If it happened frequently then you'd be bothered as well. And no I'm not among those people who are jealous of Americans, and they'd like to be one. There's nothing to be jealous about.

      And I don't even talk about those "All American" things. For example, here:

      Where do you see anything Americanized?

    • I wouldn't be bothered at all. Even if it happened often.
      But I understand that it bothers you.

      I guess it's because you talked about America, it seems like you live there. But I know you don't.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • It could be the fact that you use proper grammar and correct spelling. Many non Americans do not use either properly. For that matter many Americand don't either

    • I think you meant:

      "It could be the fact you use proper grammar and correct spelling. Many non-Americans don't use either, properly. For that matter, neither do many Americans."

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    • @crimsonqueen kudos young Lady , and well deserved

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  • "better a turk than an american" haha

    • What's so funny about it?

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    • @chintita "its funny, dont ask questions" lmfao... now that actually made me laugh.

    • i don't want to be American, how u gon be mad about people assuming then assume urself lmfaoo

  • It's an American website, a large percentage of us are Americans. People assume things.

  • Stop being a pussy and don't go anonymous.

    • I have my reasons about it. But some things like that, or that people assume I'm in my late teens (I'll be 25 in 4 months), it really makes me want to stop being anonymous.

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