Is it just me, my physical appearance or both?

The reason I ask is because I have not really been that successful with women, I used to be really shy which sucked but I'm no way as bad now as I like to see myself as a fairly confident person but I still get turnt down whenever I try to make a move or push things forward with someone that I believed that I had a chance with. So now it has made think if it has something to do with being 5'7 and ginger as it has pretty bad label and people tend to think ill of it. I'm so confused about it and just want to know if I should still bother trying or just make a basement to dwell in. Thanks.


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  • Keep on truckin'


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  • It probably is because of female hypergamy over in fem-centric western societies where women only see men as a utility for their own benefit. By what I mean is women will only mate with men of higher value (looks, status, money etc) than their counterparts because its how female nature works. In other words women fuck the highest bidder... so make sure your bid is the highest out of all guys that are pursuing her and she will choose you. Go abroad, where women from other countries appreciate good caring providers to be with, because over here are very bad quality and whorish.