Do you think there is any justice in this world? If someone murders or abuses other people in their life without getting caught and dies do they?

Just take it to the grave or do you believe that they will get punished after their death?

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  • Justice is just an illusion and delusion. The law sometimes is inadequate to protect innocent lives from being lost as well as inadequate in punishing those that are truly guilty. There is widespread corruption worldwide everywhere from businesses and corporations, governments, etc. Those with the most money and political power have "justice" and the "law" on their side.

    • Thanks for MHO! Just remember the world is not a "nice" place and had never truly been "nice" place. If anyone told you otherwise they were trying to hide the ugly truth from you.

      The reality of our world is that it is a very dark and very corrupt world.

      All the nice and easy comfort and security we get and feel really is just all false, a "sugar-coated" topping with an ugly, dark, perverted world lying beneath that "sugar-coated" topping which is the "real" world. But no one really is aware of it until they suffer any amount of injustice themselves and when justice had Not been delivered to them for what they had gone through, then they would eventually wake up and realize the cold hard truth.

      You have to look out for yourself and take care of yourself and those you around you that you care most about and for.

      You can't solely or completely rely on anybody else, or any other institutions to take care of you, such as to ensure your safety at all times.

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  • They will be held accountable for their actions after death.


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  • It's not even necessarily fair to punish them after death. What if they were found to have a significant mental illness which was the cause of their actions?

    In that case, they wouldn't even necessarily be able to consciously control their actions. What kind of consciousness does a deranged lunatic with voices in his head have, or a person with an IQ of 30 who accidentally strangled a baby?

    Do they suddenly kind of spring into consciousness, lacking mental defects, and then get punished? It doesn't make much sense to me.

    • That's not to say these people shouldn't be institutionalized if we can catch them while they're living, but once dead, it makes no sense to hope they will be punished in hell, since they'll be dead. They can't hurt any more people at that point.

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    • It's also somewhat paradoxical to me. Let's say a person who completely has his/her wits about him/her murders a totally innocent person in cold blood. Well, if an afterlife exists, the innocent person will be rewarded with heaven, yes?

      The killer didn't really do anything that bad beyond giving them a quick ticket to heaven. Why do we yearn so much, in that case, for him to suffer eternally in hell?

    • Put another way, hoping people are burning in hell after they die seems outright malicious to me -- inspired by hatred and anger. I don't really believe this is what a truly just and fair person would seek -- comfort in a person's suffering, however evil, when his victims are rejoicing in heaven. It seems driven by very negative emotions and a strong hatred, and a complete absence of the ability to forgive.

  • There can be justice, yes. But it's not guaranteed.

    Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good people. Morality is a dynamic construct that should never be interpreted as absolute.

    And there is no evidence of an afterlife.

  • Justice is human speak for "I don't like that guy, let's get him!"

  • If you consider annihilation after death a punishment then sure. I think it is more likely that they will suffer some sort of mental illness, such as ptsd of the a like. Though some do not. Probably more like he'll on earth.


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  • I do believe they will die and recarnate and be punished.