Alternative ways to dry clothes?

I live in a smallish house with too much stuff. I don't have a good enough garden to hang washing outside, and living with a four year-old son and his dad, I have a huge pile of washing that only ever seems to get bigger.
At the moment I dry my clothes with an indoor clothes airer, and because its summer the radiators are never turned on. It takes about three days to dry clothes at the moment, which is a huge pain in the neck! We don't have the space, or the money, for a conventional tumble drier so I'm looking for alternative ways to dry my clothes.
It has to be small or easy to store away, no more than £100, and get clothes dry without me needing to iron them afterwards (I have heard spin dryers can be bad for causing creases).

If anyone has any suggestions I would be super grateful!


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  • Check if you have a storage space with good ventilation... when your clothes come out of the dryer hang them there (on a line or rack) and make sure the air circulation is on maximum so the moist air is getting removed :D
    With us it works reasonably well.


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  • Do they have cleaners in the uk? Places specifically specifically for people who don't have washers or dryers. If not, it's probably gonna suck, but you'll have to do laundry every day and hang out outta a window

    • We have launderettes, basically it's a place with lots of washing machines and driers where you pay like 20p for a few minuets on them... But it's awkward getting to them without a car and it can end up costing an arm and a leg.

    • Can't help ya sista. Get a friend I guess who has a dryer. That's all I got.

  • Wear very little is sticky in uk at min 😉😉😉

  • Move to a warmer climate 😄


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