HELP!! Windows 10, Language TaskBar Input language bar is INVISIBLE. HOW TO FIX?

It should look like this
HELP!! Windows 10, Language TaskBar Input language bar is INVISIBLE. HOW TO FIX???

biut it looks like this


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    • i tried thhose, i'm mtrying to get the option to change the language because i need to write in a different language and it's not appearing :(

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    • it used to be installed. nothing changed on it and the language remains. I usually have to write in korean and English so need the option to switch between both. it still remains there but i can't switch the language by the 2 ways i used to

      one was just pressing the korean button
      2 was cicking that icon that now became invisible and having the language options.

    • So when you go into Time & Language, go into addtional settings, and then Change Input Methods. You should see a list of all the language packs you have installed. What happens if you change the order they're displayed in? Windows uses the one you have at the top as your main one.

  • Here's the easiest fix:

    Upgrade to Windows 7. Or at worst, 8.

    I know that doesn't help but gods-DAMN did I hate 10. I switched back to 8 on my laptop after a day, and my desktop has never been changed to 10, it will stay at 7.

    • this laptop came with windows 10, not an option. but i actually like windows 10 besides this

    • Maybe upgrade to Linux, then?

      Oh wait, you like Win10. Nevermind.

  • Restart