How long until your skin gets used to a beard and stops itching? Any advice on ways to help it stop?

I'm a late bloomer in terms of facial hair and I couldnt really grow a good beard until
now at 22. Im very glad that I'm no longer the baby faced one of my friend group and I keep a short beard of 3 day heavy stubble and keep it clean, tight, and well trimmed. With that said my neck is on fire and awlays itchy. It was the last part of my beard to fill in and its the only part that was ever itchy. Any advice on how to deal with skin irratation from a beard? How long will it last?


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  • For me, it's about 3-4 days before the hair is long enough and stops itching


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  • I am lucky , mine never itches.

    • My cheeks, goatee, or mustache never itched my neck is a differint story I don't know why it's weird to me.

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