My friends a transsexual, very BEAUTIFUL lile a natural, but it seems guys only like her sexually? I feel really bad for her. It gets to her alot?

There either ashamed of being attracted to her, keep her a secret, not even wanting people to see her talking with guys even just as a friend or whatever. guys dont even want to be seen just talking with her. I guess it might be because people might question the guys masculanity, but my gosh, she's having such a hard time...


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  • I have a trans friend.
    It's definitely not the "beauty" but more so the stigma attached to them. Most trans are prostitutes or sex workers.
    Those that aren't , are willing to let men have the sexual experience of being with one or live their undercover gay life.
    Trans have is hard in dating especially when they are not passable as a real woman.


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  • First of all... and this is a problem with PC bullshit... does "she" have a penis? If so, guys will eventually not like "her" sexually because, at the end of the day, the female we want to be boinking better have a vajayjay.

  • i dont think this person is ever gonna find someone without it being a fetish that attracts them to that person.


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  • Poor girl, there's not much you can do. Just be there to support her through her journey, eventually she'll find someone. She's lucky to have a friend like you who cares.