Have you ever experienced "Astral Projection" ?

If yes, could you please explain the details?Have you ever experienced


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  • I've projected in the past a few times. This is only possible when you enter sleep paralysis or during your sleep. When I projected I didn't feel my body felt bliss, as If I was air. It felt good. I felt like I had no physical body, I didn't hear buzzing or any kind of noise in my ear like you would in an all quiet room, I didn't feel my stomach or my arms, I felt bodyless. I was capable of looking at my own body from all the way up at the ceiling. I've asked myself if it was dreaming a few times after the projection was over but then it happened again, and again, and I ended up proving for myself that AP is in fact real. It's a nice experience but it takes me around 40 ~ 1hr and sometimes longer to project.

    • Thank you... Was it dark?

    • 99% of the time it was dark however, there was a time where the light in my room was on, when I projected accidentally in my sleep and I was able to see myself very clearly. The light in my room was like a torch in a cave.


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  • No, but I witnessed the epic Astral Projection fight between Professor X and Apocalypse in the recent film "X-Men: Apocalypse", LOL. It was crazy, dude!


  • What sort of details?

    • Everything

    • Well, it's just like losing your own sense of self, and is mostly done while sleeping since it's an easy to achieve meditative state. You "see" without seeing.. Other senses than this "sight" is usually dulled almost entirely.

    • I like the expression about seeing ! Thanks