What are your thoughts/feelings about being nude in your own house/place?

Scenario: You just into your new place. It's the first time you have ever had a place all to yourself and didn't have to worry about roommates or other people just walking in. It's your second or third night there. You just got home from a long day at work, and the sun has gone down a couple hours ago and all your blinds are closed. You think to yourself that normally in the past you just wanted to be able to take some of your clothes off and just relax. But you couldn't someone may be home already or they may walk in any minute. But now you are all by yourself and no one is there to barge in...

You think to yourself, "This is the perfect time and I can just strip down and take all my clothes off and be free."

How do you proceed in your thought process? Do you take your clothes off or keep them on? Why did you or why did you not do it? Have you wanted to do this but never had the chance? How do you feel about doing this sort of behavior?


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  • I would keep my clothes on. I don't like to be naked.
    But I thought about doing this a couple of times.
    I just didn't have the opportunity because I always have people around me and I don't like to be naked.
    But I see nothing wrong with it. Nudity is something natural.


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  • It's funny you ask this because I've just done this today. I currently have holidays and so I woke up a little late. After waking up I took a shower. Somehow, I felt super lazy today and it was also very warm, so I just never got around to getting dressed after my shower. I sat on the couch naked, cooked my lunch naked, played my guitar naked... ended up being naked for the whole day. I didn't have my blinds closed however. I had the glass doors in the living room open and it was beautiful. The warm summer breeze came in and went over my skin life silk :-). There were some people outside talking and laughing but I didn't really mind. If they ended up seeing me ooooh well, so be it. It's not like I'm gonna choke to death or something just because a bunch of strangers saw me naked in my living room. Around 7 p. m., my girlfriend came home from work but I didn't get dressed because she has seen me naked many times before and so obviously she doesn't mind. As it became night however, it started to get a little chilly, so I put on a pair of underwear and a tshirt. Being naked at home is lots of fun, especially during summer time :-).


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  • I don't enjoy just being naked like that, not for me. My SO always walks around naked though, he'd do the same as you.

    • What do you think about just the freedom to be able to do that sort of thing if you were the only one there? Like walking from the shower in your bedroom all the way across the apartment to the laundry room to get your clothes out? Any interest to do that?

    • I just don't like that, I do live alone already and I still don't do it. Just not me.

  • I feel uncomfortable. Anyone can break in/walk in/ or be a creep and peak through my window.

    So definitely not for it.

    Especially since I have a building right in front of my window.
    I would not want them to feel uncomfortable by seeing me in such state. (not that I would do so even if they weren't there)

    Plus, I was watching some crime scenes and way too many happened because of situations similar to this.


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  • I love it. I go nude frequently