Is this illegal?

Ok so I recently got hired at this marketing job and after we were hired we were told that we'd need to attend a two-day training session , one from 12-6:30 and the other from 10-4:30 but it ran over till about 5 something. We only got about 2, 15 minute breaks each training day. And like a couple times to literally only stand up stretch and sit back down. I thought that with these kind of things you'd need to provide at least 1hr for lunch. I'm only 18 so I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure this is illegal and if not illegal at least cruel. We did not get paid for either of these training days. I get low blood sugar sometimes so I start getting a headache so this was honestly killer on my body.


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  • Nope. Generally speaking, in the us anyway, over 6 hours is a 30-45 min unpaid lunch. Some places also do a 15 min paid break. I often work through my lunches so I get the extra 30 min paid, or get to leave 30 min earlier, I have never had issues with being on my feet running around though, just need my water lol But you could be different!

    you def should have been paid for those days though...


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  • I would say no, its not illegal. Im an HR major so im obviously not a professional yet but what you described isn't that outrageous

  • It's illegal.

  • Welcome to America, where nobody gives a fuck about employees because the only thing that counts is that the big fat bosses make their millions.

  • In employer-employee situation law hasn't much to say.
    The employer ires, you obey.
    This is NOT a Socialist country (yet).

    • So it was ok to be doing training for practically 6 hrs straight with only 1 fifteen minute break?

    • Some work 12 hrs straight (8 to 8) and eat a sandwich while working. But the coffee is free and strong.
      This isn't the 20th century.

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