Girls, if you were a skater girl would you teach your kids?

There's a friend of mine that teaches her two sons.. they get bullied at school because their mom teaches them to skate so the boys are mean and the kids get bullied. would you teach your kids to skate? If you were one obviously.


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  • I would teach them to skate, box, basketball and judo.
    Bullying is meaningless, people do it but you have to get over and fight for yourself.


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  • Why are they bullied for skating?
    I would teach them if they wanted to, it's a regular sport

    • Wouldn't you feel proud as mother to see that your daughter or son is good at a sport and because it's you that pushed them ahh the reward is seeing that your investment pays off

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    • Would you dress your son as a girl against his wishe's "mommy I love being a boy please no don't do it please I'm begging dont"would you still for it

    • Oh no I would respect his wishes that is for sure! But skating doesn't mean they have to dress like girls

  • if I was and she want to I sure will

    • Would you teach son if you had one lol boys are purequired children too lol

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    • Speaking as a woman that always wanted a daughter and that's raising one I know it is the dream of every woman to want a daughter but we can't neglect our sons just because they're men yes I wanted a daughter but I can't neglect a boy if I had one so why can't we put aside our bias and love our sons? Did they not grow on us too

    • I didn't think about that I just thought that she will have the right to learn anything she want to and to become what she want so it will be ok with me to teach her why not