Why do they do this?

Okay so I was watching 16 and pregnant, even though it's an idiotic show, and WVERY damn time some girl there is knocked up and the baby has arrived, they bottle feed them?

they constantly complain about not having enough money, which is logical since they're 16, but then they decide to bottle feed? Isn't breast feeding way cheaper then? Considering it only takes a reasonable amount of effort to feed yourself healthy things?


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  • Maybe it's just something the script of the show demands. These kinds of trashy shows usually have producers who expect all the participants to act in a certain way that increases drama and makes themselves look really stupid. The aim of these shows is to make people at home think "wow, what a moron. I could do it a million times better". The participants of these shows usually get paid to make a fool out of themselves.


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  • I see where you're coming from, but maybe all the equipment for breastfeeding like the breast pump, is expensive as well. Maybe the babies won't latch onto their mothers and bottle feeding is necessary.

    Who knows?


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  • Maybe the baby won't take the breast milk or maybe they can't produce enough for the baby.