Do you like the power rangers and please tell me why?

to all people who have seen all seasons or even who saw some of the episodes or who heard of the power rangers please explain?


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  • Now, no. I did when I was really young, though. I watched the OG series like the reruns with my brother. I liked the Pink Ranger most because she also did gymnastics. Yellow and Blue I liked as well, they were cool (at the time to me lol).

    • well one of my friends actually knows amy Jo Johnson the pink ranger and the blue ranger David Yost the yellow ranger died during a car crash when you watch the power rangers you can learn their lives and want they have done when they were rangers on every season

    • Yeah, Amy is cool. I remember Thuy Trang's passing. I was pretty sad.

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  • I had watched them long time ago. I don't really care too much about them any more, although I've heard that there is a reboot remake film coming out some time next year. At times however, I did find them really silly and worth some real good laughs.

    But watch this really dark and Rated R style of Power Rangers, as I actually thought it was interesting:

    Or maybe this one for some good laughs:

    • by the way, did you watch those videos I had shared? What you think of 'em?

      Thanks for MHO!


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  • The original Power Rangers were awesome.


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  • I used to. I think In Space and Time Force were the best seasons