People who don't have a lot of friends?

To those out there that don't have friends or have a small group of friends, do you ever worry about who you would ask to be in your wedding? Or even who would be your guests?


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  • I don't really have any friends, but I know a lot of people, so it's never been in my thoughts. I have plenty of cousins that I could ask to be in my bridal party, and all you have to do is have an open bar and you'll have plenty of guests. I'm pretty chill, though, so I wouldn't want a huge affair. I'd like to think the guy standing beside me with the ring is the most important part :)


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  • Not at all. I don't do events. My one and only friend asked me to his wedding and I declined

    • Well, I meant to your own wedding but I understand

    • My own wedding would just be at the justice of the peace with no visitors

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