Do you guys believe in "everything happens for a reason/ What's meant to be, will be" or is it just merely a coping mechanism?



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  • Everything happens because of something. So whatever happens in the present is a result of what happened in the past.

    • Can you explain that using examples?

    • I'll use myself as an example.
      If I hadn't study in a British school as a kid, I wouldn't know much English, therefore, I wouldn't have been able to come study to the US, which would have made it impossible for me to end up living in the US.
      So yeah, thanks to the decision my parents made 17 years ago, to send me to a British School, now I am where I am.

    • Yes and that truly is a blessing in disguise

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  • I believe that SOME THINGS happen for a reason, not everything. There are stuff happening in this world that will never have a good reason for them.

    • What are "some thing" that you believe do happen for a reason? Is it things such as having people leave your life, etc?

    • Yes, people-related things usually happen for a reason. For example, you meet someone special and finally realize why it didn't work out with anyone else, it just makes sense.

    • I see. So if a relationship had a messy breakup, you see it as life taking that person from you for a good reason. For something better to come

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  • Nope. I think everything happens from a reason not for a reason. I don't believe in What's meant to be, will be because I just don't believe in a set future...

    • How so? can you give me an example of "from a reason not for a reason"?

    • I mean if something happened right, like if we do something and that results in another thing; that's a product from a reason we had known before hand as opposed to something happens to make a reason happen as if the future is set.

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  • I believe in everything happens for a reason.

  • I believe all of that.