Why somebody do not trust people's courtesy to not have second ends?

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying, someone is actually gentle only when they are trying to achieve something, but isn't it a little misanthropic to think that nobody can be cordial just for the sake of pleasing (in a good sense) others?


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  • People are just jaded. And there's the saying that nothing ever comes for free, and more often than not, that actually is the case. So I think it's normal for most people to be wary when something comes by that's a little too good to be true.

    • Well, I'm not talking about huge stuff, I'm talking about little helps that anyone can give for free, like, I don't know, spending a couple hours helping someone fixing a PC, or painting his fences etc.

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    • I honestly think it is a bit dumb. Society shouldn't work just as economy.

    • thanks for MH.

      I agree with you, totally. But it's kinda hard to separate because that's really how everything else works, so I'm not surprised that it bleeds into personal things as well.

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  • I suppose it is somewhat misanthropic yes, but so what?

    • I don't, I just find it hard to understand why people these days have so many trust issues.

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    • Probably because trusting someone without any merit is stupid and might even be dangerous.

    • Well, I've always been a trusting guy, this doesn't necessarily mean being completely unaware that others might hurt you :)

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