Will my prince charming come back to me?

I love him. We are dating met on tinder (well we only went on one, but I love him😊) He and met for like three weeks (do not judge) he is super sweet and he understands me. He left overseas for the next 6 months before i could say goodbye but i told him that i would wai for him and he said when he came back he would hang out with me more and that we would be in a real relationship. Since he left before i could give him my number all we have to communicate is tinder but we have not actually talked to each other in a month due to me always working and i dont know if he has his phone because he told me he was going to be busy all the the time and that they do not have wifi on the ship. Lately his locations have changed on tinder and I thought that he could message me but i guess he still does not have wifi because he didn't. Why won't he message


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  • He will come back eventually, but his phone may automatically change his location based on where he travels

  • jesus so i can find gullible women on tender you say?


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  • I feel that if he really wanted this LDR to really work here, dear, he would have Asked you For... Your Number and stayed in touch with you.
    Let him go for now and Move on and Meet others. If he cares enough, he will Make this Effort to find you on Tinder when he has WiFi.
    Good luck. xx