Girls, I'm going to a water park tomorrow and I'm on my period. How do I do it?

I've never gone swimming or anything on my period before. Will a tampon be enough to hide it? Is there anything else I can do?


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  • Do not wear a light color. Use a black or red bottom and also using a tampon should work but you may need 3 or 4 of them. Make sure the tampon string is tucked in because I have seen a tampon string hanging out before. Enjoy your day.


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  • You will probably have to use a few tampons over the course of the day, depending on your flow. It's better to get a lower absorbency tampon if you're new to using them and changing it more frequently than it is to potentially injure yourself with something that is too large.

    Wear a dark coloured bathing suit to hide any leaks (hey, it happens). Remember to drink water and wear sunscreen!

    • Thanks, it turned out fine!! :) I was on Day 3 and my flow was pretty light, so I got away with only using 1 while I was there. Thanks for the advice!

    • Glad to hear it!


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  • Pad as well and big panties and shorts (dark colour) red would be great especially a new pair and if anything leaks you can say they are new and the colour has run a bit. The good thing about being under water is the pressure should keep it closed tighter.

  • Sneak in tonight and put some red dye in the water, they'll never be able to tell!


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  • Not just the one tampon, if you have anything above a light flow, you'll obviously need to change it a few times throughout the day but I think that you'll get away with it.

  • Tampon + Liner = Good to go. Bring extras with you and change frequently if heavy flow. Usually it's not as bad as it seems when you're in the water, just trust the tampon and make sure you bring extras. Good luck hun and have fun ^_^

  • how about not swimming?