Downloading expansion packs from steam?

My sister wants to try and download the sims 3 expansion packs to her computer from my steam account because she's too broke to buy it herself, just want to know if you can do that? She asked me a few days ago if she can try and I've kind of been avoiding it simply because I don't want to give her my details unless it can happen.

She already owns the sims 3 but just wants to try and download my expansion packs to her computer so she can play them on her sims.


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  • Family sharing enables ONE person at a time to access a given account's game library, even if those games are theirs.

    Basically you can share EVERY game with another account, but then if they play one of your games, you can't both play using the game library simultaneously (you cannot play two different games at a time either, the account owner takes precedence and steam boots out the other person)

    However if she already owns Sims 3 on Steam then it cannot be shared to her anymore

  • yes you can share accounts and games... you have to enable the steam guard... then enter a few codes that get sent to your email


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  • From what I can see the Sims 3 expansion packs are far more expensive on steam than on origin. They're less than $20 on origin.

    • Also I'm pretty sure ones you get on steam will only work if the base game was bought on there too. Best to stick to origin as you can download online and also buy discs and have no issues.