Those who lucid dream - are yours like this too?

I've only lucid dreamed twice now. Both times, I noticed that while I can control what happens, my control only goes so far. Like, it wears off after a few seconds or something lol. For example, in my first lucid dream, I made a meteor shower, but after a few seconds the meteor shower got out of control and became dangerous. Or in my second dream, I made a hot guy have sex with me (lol because why not) and after a few seconds he stopped and was like "I feel weird about this." Ouch, dream rejected 😛

Any ideas on why that may be? Am I just weak in the brain and need practice? Or are all lucid dreams like that?

I did notice that in my second dream, I was more aware/had more control than in my first (the first one was more just me testing what was going on).


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  • Practice. I've heard if you look for signs that your dreaming you'll know that you can control it. So like computer or phone screens don't work in dreams. If you notice you can't text be like oh yeah I'm dreaming then you can control your dreams. Lol

  • Ask a psychologist. It has to do with your sleep cycle stage. Your dream happens in R. E. M sleep, but how that's broken down to where you can lucid dream vs just dream or remembering your dreams

  • I haven't experience that before.

    • Then why did you answer? You contributed nothing.

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