What's the purpose of life with out true love?

Nothing left to live for, always been a shy kid so they led to me growing up inexperienced. Tried relationships & I always ended u hurt. Thought making money getting a careers would help but it didn't. So I tried to take more chances by getting out experiencing new things and meet new people. It was fun but it never satisfied me. Im not much of a people person. Aimed to make myself a better man, became a provider, protector, leader for my family when times became to hard for us. I'm 22 and now I'm completely tired of living. I would give anything to just pass away rn. I guess I can say at a young age I've accomplished a lot. But I failed at the one thing that means the most to me, a relationship. I've tried & tired & tried agin. And it's like I always pick the perfect female at the wrong time. I'm just not good enough. Tired of waiting to die, suicided sounds like the best option rn. I know it'll hurt my family but they'll be ok made sure of that. After it all gets better. But I'm to the point where I don't wanna fight anymore and I know they'll understand that.


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  • Try to live life in small, daily steps. You seem to project everything across such a long-term scale and plan, that can make you miserable. There are small pleasures to be found everywhere.

    Another thing is that those who set their goal on some ideal romantic notion of love with sniper-life precision tend to get burned the hardest. It's easier to find love when you're not trying so hard to look for it. That doesn't mean just stumbling around life and hoping to get lucky, you do have to put yourself out there. But it's much easier, and much more satisfying, when you can just enjoy the whole process and have a blast hanging out with people.

    • I'll take your advise and try to live in small daily steps. But it's kinda hard when your mind works like mine. For someone reason even when I try to be positive my mind settles on negative thoughts. And true I no longer go out looking for love I've given up on it. But thanks for your advise, I'll try to follow it

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    • You also sound like you're on the verge of an existential crisis, questioning the meaning and point behind everything (for which, if you keep digging deeper and deeper, you'll find none -- life's purpose is constructed, it's not present in any kind of introspective analysis). The cure for that is to often immerse yourself in that world you've become detached from once again, and try to enjoy it.

    • Your more than right I have to get back out there but learn to enjoy the ride and not expect to come out in a serious relationship. But yes I do analyze every little thing in life due to the fact that I'm stuck in the dark space right now. But thank you so much, you've been more than helpful. I feel the sense to get out here and try it once more. Thank you


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  • Finding true happiness

  • I guess it has no purpose if there's no true love

    • That's what I'm mentally fight rn