Do you also feel the same as me?

I am Turkish but if were a Dutch citizen who has a Turkish origin then I would call myself as Dutch. What do you think about that?

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  • You should never deny your roots, because they're part of who you are

    • Of course. Whenever I would be asked my origin then I would tell that I have a Turkish origin.

    • Yeah but it sounds like you wanna hide it

    • No. I would not want to hide it. Imjust would not be different from the rest.

Most Helpful Guy

  • In Europe we call people like that "secondos" (second generation immigrants). I don't think there's one clearly right or one clearly wrong answer to this. Different people feel differently about it and it also depends on a lot of different factors. One important factor is the environment that you grew up in. For example are you a Turkish guy who grew up in a "Turkish ghetto" in Amsterdam where only Turkish people live or are your parents well integrated and you live in a well-mixed neighborhood. These kind of things can make a huge difference.

    In my case, I am Swiss and Greek. My mom is Swiss, my dad is Greek. However, I have grown up in Switzerland all my life, in a mostly Swiss neighborhood. Almost all of my friends are Swiss. Thus, I do have the Greek passport and my mentality can also be Greek in some ways but I consider myself mostly Swiss.


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  • It's you again?

    were you or were you not the guy who asked this Q 1-2 days ago? About holding a Finnish passport?


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  • I guess you can say whatever you want.

  • You are right because you are dutch citizen