Help, I think one of my friends is becoming addicted to drugs?

So she's been my friend for several years now and before these last few weeks, the only drug she's ever tried was weed. That was only a one-off incidence though and hasn't done much after that, but recently at some parties, I've seen her do all kinds of shit like heroin, LSD, PCP, cocaine, and more. I'm worried that she's already becoming addicted to drugs and I worry for her health and safety, what should I do?
P. S Not the same girl from my last question


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  • Get her a pan flick for one of those groups know how ya feel both my cussin and my ant did a lot of drugs now my cussin is in prison for it and my ant is under watch but thare is not much you can do


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  • She's a junkie. Tell her parents.


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