Why is she excluding me?

my sister has been excluding me for most of my life and I don't know if it's because of age or personality if anyone can help please say something


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  • Young Lady take it from me , don't dwell on this as it will do nothing but be the Bain of your existence. I should know , I grew up with a brother just like him and it tormented me for better than half my life until I came to the conclusion that I would never have a brother other than by blood line and title. Now that we are older he wants to be a part of my life and I just won't make the room. I have been with the same awesome Lady for 20 years now , I have a few friends that I consider to be more my family than my family is. So when it comes down to the nitty gritty , it who treats you like family that really matters. And no it is not nor will it ever be your fault. It took me the better part of 30 years to convince my self or at least believe that it wasn't my fault. Just be you , make the quality friends that I have found. Believe me you will never change your sister or make her include you and for that bad news I am sorry


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  • I guess she has her own friends. She'll include you more as you're older I'm sure


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  • I think it's normal for siblings. I don't like doing things with my sister nor does she like doing things around me because we both claim each other are annoying and a nuisance. To conclude, I think some sibling exclusion is normal but in your situation it sounds extreme. I would talk to a trusted adult about it if I were you to get more help with this.

    • I've tried I've talked to both of my parents about it and they act like they don't care

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    • thanks baby

    • No problem, my pleasure, my love. @nieve

  • it means you two doest have a good relationship


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