Is it natural to prefer your own?

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I don't necessarily mean dating, although that's an aspect of it. I mean in all aspects of life. It doesn't have to be race or gender either, it could even be similarities in profession or hobbies.

So what i mean is, do you think it's natural for you to prefer those more like you, whether it's dating, working with someone, who you'd like more between 2 people, who you would rather win something, etc etc

Things like rather working with a man if you're a man, hoping china wins the olympic gold if you're chinese (but have lived in the states entire life), whatever.

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  • Of course. A sense of belonging is something everyone feels especially among young people. The bonding can be over shared disability, having experienced loss, being from the same hometown, being a fan of the same team, same career, sharing the same addiction, etc etc. Familiarity can bring comfort or suffocation. Difference can bring excitement or discord. It's all natural, and we feel it all at some point.


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  • I must be an exception. I always liked to work with women too. And skin or origin are details.


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  • yes,

    I always prefer the company of people who are like me or who I aspire to become.

  • Likes stick with likes.

  • i think most are like this


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